Moral Authority

There are no instructions for life. We just do the best we can with what we’re given and none of us know which path is right or wrong because there is no such thing. Life is an experiment. We’re a natural product of Universal evolution. Hitler was no better or worse than Mahatma Gandhi. Hitler […] Read more »

Don’t Feed the Folly

Do not feed the folly. You’ll be tempted to buy into the illusion that what we say and do in this life matters. Most folks love the idea that everything they do has impact and the world is a better place for their accomplishments. On a micro level, this is true. But no matter how […] Read more »

On Loneliness…

Loneliness is like a slow zombie, seemingly easy to avoid but every time you turn around, there it is. Even if you kill it, eventually another one rears its ugly head. The presence of happiness offers temporary respite but until you get what your loneliness craves, it’ll keep coming back. And loneliness doesn’t give up […] Read more »

Two Zombies Walk Into a Bar…

Two zombies walk into a bar. They both survey the scene. There’s a chubby guy dipping pork rinds in a draft beer. Three or four middle age women looking lonely and drinking martinis. In front of them are some business men, ties loosened, sport coats slightly rumpled, laughing too loud and adding to the already […] Read more »

For the Children

The ice cream man finished his rounds for the day, turned off the endless loop of carnival music, and turned the front of his truck toward home. He enjoyed his job…but it was later, after the work was done, that he got his reward. The evening news came on at 6pm, as usual. The ice […] Read more »

Life & Imagination

I doubt that life was ever meant to be figured out. More likely, it’s just something that happens and we’re to do our best with it. If others like what we do, that’s pretty cool. If not, well, at least make your story memorable. Use your imagination like a polymorphous tool. Wield it into a […] Read more »